NOTICE By paying the registration fee, the competitor approves the rules below. After the notification, a confirmation email will be sent. This is your initial certificate. Print and bring it to the competition day. The race fee for Marstand Swimrun must be paid according to the specifications on the invoice. The team loses its starting place if payment is not Marstrand OpenWater AB available before the due date according to the reminder invoice. Teams that have not paid the competition fee will not be ready to start. The registration is binding after payment and no refund is made. See Competition information for cancellation and accident insurance. The competitor must be swim-minded and 18 years old on the race day. Competitors participate in the competition at their own risk. Information about the team and the contestants must be correctly completed. It is allowed for the team to replace one of the team's members. If both team members are replaced, the team is deleted from the participant list and the starting point goes on to the reserve list. The contestants are responsible for printing and completing a Proof of Entitlement per team and submitting this when registering before starting.


Team about two people compete by swimming and running along the slit path. The team will consist of two competitors regardless of which class they compete in. If a competitor breaks an individual person form a pace with another complete team. The pace shall be accepted by both the individual and the complete team and the change of law shall be notified to the competition organization as soon as possible.

Mandatory safety equipment must be carried and carried correctly. Deviation from the sliced ​​path in order to shorten the distance is not permitted.

A protest can be submitted by contestants or by the competition organization. The protest must be submitted to the jury, in writing, no later than 30 minutes after the finish and include:

1.  Time and position

2   Teams numbers

3.  Description of the situation

4.  Witnesses if possible

The competition jury consists of Competition leader and one or more of the project group. The jury decides on sanctions, the outcome of the protest and any changes to the rules and regulations. The jury takes decisions according to common sense and the jury's decision is definite To take help of means of transport or people outside the competition organization is not allowed. The contestants must respect the competitors, the competition organization, the audience and the residents in the area.


The race track is excellent with slits, rails and buoys to be followed. The slices are placed with such distance that their own orientation is not necessary. Liquid and energy stations are located along the path. Disposal is prohibited. Trash is thrown into garbage bags located at liquid and energy stations.

Animal life must be respected throughout the course and irresponsible behavior can lead to disqualification. All equipment that the team starts with must be brought into the goal. No stock may be left along the track. Timing starts at the start signal and ends when the team's last participant passes the finish line. Time limits for "last pass" will be along the course at the turn.

Place and time are specified on detailed course description for each race. The jury reserves the right to change the track's distances and time limits up to the start.


Requirements for equipment for Marstrand Swimrun Adventure &  Marstrand Swimrun Sprint

Compulsory equipment that the team itself is responsible for acquiring and must carry during the competition:

1. Two wetsuits should be worn at water passages and should cover shoulders / thighs.

2. 2 whistles, should be easily accessible for use in emergency situations

3. Two first dressings, should be worn easily accessible for emergency use.

Rekommenderad utrustning för Marstrand Swimrun Easy Sprint

1. Kläder anpassade både för löpning och simning.

2. Löparskor som inte suger åt sig för mycket vatten.

3. Simglasögon.


Recommended equipment for Marstrand Swimrun Easy Sprint

1. Clothing adapted for both running and swimming.

2. Running shoes that do not absorb too much water. 3. Goggles.


Floating equipment with a maximum size of 50x50cmx50cm may be carried during the competition.



The competition organization has the right to photograph and film the participants throughout the competition day. The competition organization has the right to publish photo and film material freely through the Internet, TV, radio, newspapers and various forms of marketing by Marstrand Swimrun - MarstrandOpenWater AB.


If competitors or teams violate the rules, the jury may award the following penalties: Time penalty. Disqualification

Med reservation för förändringar.