EASY SPRINT  Is this year's funniest and most beautiful SwimRun competition for the buddy gang, the company, the kickoff or the sports club. Here you have the opportunity to test on a real SwimRun competition in a lovely environment. You will experience the variation between running on Marstrand's alleys past all the restaurants on the quay and a trail path around the Martrandsön itself as one is one of the kind in the world.  

Easy Sprint is a total of 6,250 m, of which 5,555 m is trail running and 695 m is swimming. The sprint track is also a lap that runs 1 lap around the Marstrand beach. The weather during this period is perfect for swimrun with water temperatures between 18 - 22 degrees and about

20-25 degrees in the air.


You start and end on the quay at Strandverket on Marstrandsön. After about 2500 meters, the first swim track comes, it is 275 meters. The track has 4 tracks where the longest is 275 meters. The course runs around the entire Marstrand beach and you will pass through Carlstensten's fortress. You end at Strandverket. Strandverket is the place that is known for the annual sailing competitions at Marstrand. Marstrands with surroundings offer one of the most amazing environments a swimrun can run in. With historical buildings and a cultural heritage, Marstrand is probably one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. The race course lay out also makes it easy for the audience to follow the race


Total race distance:  6 250 m

Trail-running:  5 555 m

Swimming:  695 m

Swim sections:  5

Longest swim:  275 m

Swim & Run distances document


Welcome with your registration for your team. Marstrand Swimrun will be a fun and challenging experience in the Bohuslän archipelago. The course is a lap around the Marstrand.

Registration fee to Marstrand Swimrun Easy Sprint (SEK 2, SEK 598 per person): SEK 1,195 per team.

Race day: Saturday, August 10, start at 14.00

The registration fee includes:

Snack bag

SwimRun meal (BBQ buffet with drink)

Transport to and from Marstrand (Koön - Marstrand)

Start kit with number BIB, cap. Energy & fluid along the path.

Goodie bag with products from sponsors and partners.,

Storage of belongings, price cermoni, accident insurance, timing and safety organization.

Accommodation and dinner in the evening:

If  you want to sleep over or eat something good later in the evening - there will be a accommodation and dinner package. Information is posted on our website.

After the registration, a confirmation email will be sent. This is your initial certificate. Print and bring it to the race day.

PUL - Swedish Law. According to the Personal Data Act, consent is required to save personal data, such as eg. name and contact details. When you register your information on this form, they will be saved in our register, and your registration will therefore also be an approval to save the information. The information will not be passed on to third parties without your permission, except if required to process and fulfill your order or participation.

The registration is binding only when the starting fee is paid. No refund is made. To get the money back when canceling due. accident or illness, you must take out the insurance "Startklar" at Folksam. More information can be found at www.startklar.nu